Astrology Overview 2022


Get ready for a year of cosmic challenges across the board.

The following is the astrological look for 2022 for each sign. Many Blessings and a happy New Year to all,

love Joy xx


This is a year fully embodying the truth of all your own values. 2022 will continue to slow you down so you can become more intimate with your own instinct which sometimes move so fast you can hardly see them as they dash by. The beginning of the year begins challenging energies for you. Some energies might be challenging for you to navigate. Deep personal work is activated in a part of your chart that is visible. Explore your public roles and how your wounding and need for love shows up in them. January will dig things up. Maybe for everyone to see. Surrender to what presents itself for healing: listen, be humble, consider your energy and the energy of all your relationships. Summer is all about integration. You will have a time to celebrate. Allow your body to come back and stabilize. Teaching you to slow down and pace yourself. The move can soften and delve deeper into consciousness. Use your honesty to learn the difference between self-soothing illusions and free power of imagination.


2022 will push you out of your comfort zone. You’ve been feeling this already. This is a year to define yourself. Explore trying new roles and make new connections. Uranus is forcing you to become stable so you can show that part of you to the world. Please surrender to change and embrace all the changes. Pluto is calling you beyond what is comfortable for you – the 2 year ecliptal cycle is bound to create unlimited results, be brave. The world needs beauty and being ruled by Venus shows everyone to stay in your heart center. Find the healing in you to mirror outward to the world. Saturn in Aquarius will challenge you in the work arena. How others see you, you will be challenged by this. Space to feel free is the main objective. Courage and integrity is needed. You got this! Stay in your heart allow the deep wells of love to guide you. Challenge yourself to grow spiritually. New communities will present themselves.


It’s great you’re curious about everything. This year much will happen for you in the dark and behind the scenes. It will serve you well. Everything is not how it seems. Your body is on the road to connection with spirit. Calm and peace is on its way. Notice how your body connects, the wild other realms it lead to you to. Do not ignore what your instincts feel it will be a high price to pay. Trust yourself. This year will push your capacity for real depth, wrapping up a long cycle of intimacy work that will get you familiar with wounding emotional honesty and with the scars surrounding love! Spiritual practices will help to harmonize the energies you’re working with. Connect and heal all past wounds. Don’t rush, really dig deep it will pay off and free you up.


Communication and friendship have been shaken up to create change for new growth. Be open and reach out to what you’re attracted to. Do gardening, connect with the earth energy to ground yourself. Pluto opposing cancer since 2008 has you digging deep in your personal relationships. It’s been a long road, you are not at the end yet. By the end of the year you will feel freer, lighter and more alive. It’s not easy to ne remade in every way that you love. Be patient with yourself. Listen to your body. The darkness will whisper its truth loud enough for you to hear. Connect with staying home physically and spiritually be feeling wholeness where you are. Be here now. Go within. Seek your truth and your heart for guidance.


Be bold, diligent and have humility. Joy will be yours. This year invites and awakens all of these things for you. Embrace what deeply whispers within you. Play more be more alive to your work arena healing is imminent. The beginning of the year will bring healing and your fight for freedom to come together. The planets a re asking you to be mindful of the details at hand. Delve deep to see them clearly. True transformation is taking place at this time. Get ready. Take care and pay close attention to your body and health. Know your limitations. The possibilities for career growth and abundance in your public roles are huge- yay you! Save space for inside. Give it rich, dark soul to grow from and do not ask it for more than it truly wants to give. Heal your physical body to feel more optimistic.


Creativity has been the key to your healing. Your creativity has needed healing. A new perspective shift. You are realizing the wealth of your joy and laughter. Hopefully discovering its sacredness you contribute to root out what has blocked it. You have been working on this for years. Delve deep and clear all parts of your heart. Try not to get caught up in drama and being to serious. Play with it. Keep creating whether you feel it or not, use your creativity to heal all old wounds. This year will stabilize your routines. Be mindful of your physical energy, rest , stop running, etc. You will pay the price- your personal relationship have a dreamy quality. Start by staying in your heart listen to the truth of what really is. Love is the answer. Stay there.


Surrender while digging deep. Stay in your heart. You are at the final stretch of a year long marathon of healing your root. This has not been easy for you libra. Pluto in Capricorn has been challenging you for the last 14 years. Meeting you with sternest to keep your face on your own plate. Stop delving into other peoples drama. Be here now for yourself. 2022 you will review and integrate making you emotionally honest, facing the scary stuff. Self expression will prevail. Celebrate yourself like its your job. Focus on daily routines. Take care of your body’s health. Seek to find what truly makes you happy you will be.


Uranus in Taurus is still working for you over this year. Still making space for true intimacy through challenging your favorite ways of operating. Feel everything, try not to cling to it just observe. Your closest partnerships and collaborations get exposed as either keeping you from yourself or as uncomfortable roads to freedom call you to honestly, simple joyful. Wanting you to be yourself. Ground your body, be honest, allows passion and joy. This year starts trends with an exploration of the consequences of structures of your life not being fully livable. Investigate your foundations of family lineage. You are transmuting and shedding get ready for a new you. Be brave.


2022 marks the final stages of many years of deep work on self-worth for you. The dark is full of gifts and discoveries. Now you are in restoration pay close attention. Many scary things under the surface have been exposed. New possibilities. It is important to remember what you learned- not to repeat it. Work and creatively take you to magical places. The universe has been slowing you down by Uranus in Taurus. Pace yourself and finally you are in your body. Clarity is yours. Listen to what your needs- try not to overdue, know your limitations. This summer’s Neptune transits asks you to soften, become more sensual and vulnerable. Try not to escape or be led astray. This year closes with another square between Saturn and Uranus. Re-emphasizing your health and how you nurture yourself in the day to day. Be disciplined about staying curious and clear to understand what your body needs. Honor your physical communication.


There has been a seriousness for a while now (with big consequences). Calling for hard work. You do all of those things well. Even if you think you should have done more. It’s impeding your success. Try not to define yourself by your ability to achieve and be responsible; these years have been urgency you to heal, to transform narratives of scarcity and ancestry into a fuller, more alive expression of your diligence. Discipline and ability to build what lasts. Liberate this version of yourself. Leaving old trauma you will meet yourself your true self. Have courage, be vulnerable as well as effective! These years since 2008 has been a show case of how Capricorn energy. You are now exploring all of the things, consciously or not in a very personal way. You are more that what society wants from you and rewards you for. You are not boxed into a small, rigid, lifeless definition. Self-worth is available to you. You will find your way when you decide to understand discipline. Focus on pleasure, play , joy. Make room for loving vitality. You are more than you think.


Big year for you. Saturn is moving through Aquarius helping you manifest all the unique gifts of who you are. 2022 starts and ends square between Saturn and Uranus energizing desire to evolve. This year will challenge you to focus in instead of out. Creating your big plan- keep stretching your perspective here and now. Slowing down can assist through this process. Time is now to connect and discover that you are part of the broad version of humanity in a very personal way- you will ponder deeply. Emotionally and physically. Summer will help to both soften into compassion and dive into your inner beauty. Self worth. Keep breathing and coming back to your body. Be in nature, ground, be…


2022 you will be seeking support connections. Connections need very special care no matter how built for it your are. Over the last couple of years you have been delving deeply- lots of loss. Now is a time to learn healthy boundaries. A lot of disappointments in relationships. You have an enormous capacity to connect. It’s important to focus on your spirit. This year will reveal the consequences of neglect in this area. Pay close attention to your health. Nutrition, meditation, etc. The golden flow of source is flowing within now. Stop trying to be in your head. Feel it all. Structure is necessary at this time. Commitment to self growth- 2022 is an exploration of what is real and what is possible. Trust your instincts.