Astrology Overview 2020


Year of the Rat – Abundance by good planning

2020 is not only the beginning of a new decade but also an entirely new Astrological era as well! 2020 is going to be a threshold to cross, it is a brief pause between the way it has been, and what will become as there will be a forced confrontation with all the difficult challenges in need of healing and remedy within civilization itself. Our personal life becomes and is political. Pay attention to our spiritual life and relationships at this time.

There is nothing easy in 2020 as the transits contain a potent force that will invoke dissolution and volatility. The Spiritual must feed into the community, and we must all be part of the solution, with planning and organizing to build a healthier world. Jupiter/Saturn with Pluto will aid us to create structure. We will finish up the astrological year in December, on the Winter Solstice. We have a strong chance of turning things around in this world as we work and pray together. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto run all together this year causing large opportunities for a death and a rebirth of power systems and political structure throughout our world. It will get messy first before it gets better.

Pluto brings revolution to the nature of the sign it occupies by exposing its shadow side. At the center of change brought by 2020 will be the cycles of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. The year begins with a union between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and ends with a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius with Jupiter uniting with Pluto three times in between. The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21 is the defining astrological event of the year, as it will establish an astrological era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in air signs that will continue until 2159. The influence of Pluto upon Jupiter and Saturn will dredge up issues with political and social structures in need of innovative reform, particularly involving global economics and systematic oppression.

Pluto has been in Capricorn and asks us to look at the abuse and use of political power, nuclear and fossil fuel power, gender-based authority, tradition, honor, and responsibility. Saturn is connected to conservative politics, contracts and speaks loudly of structure, tradition, discipline, restrictions, and control. Balance…Balance…Balance is what is needed at this time.

Since Jupiter will simultaneously be conjoining the south node of the moon in Capricorn, there will be the gravity of contraction and consolidation in January that will bring together all aspirations and draw attention toward the essential purpose you wish to initiate in the year ahead. January can be a good month for adjusting ambitions to contend with the limitations of material resources while thinking realistically, and mindfully, about what you need to cultivate and what you need to shed. This year, the skies will host an amazing array of six eclipses (two solar and four lunar), when we usually only have four. Our first Lunar Eclipse is on January 10 in the echelons of Cancer. Prepare to defend yourself as this eclipse opposes Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. We’re asked to reassess our higher thinking as Mercury begins the first retrograde on February 16 until March 9 in both Pisces and Aquarius. It’s time to become more independent starting March 21 when Saturn moves into  Aquarius.

The planet of rules is ready to let you make some of your own during this time. Reassess how you identify power in your life as Pluto goes retrograde on April 25 until October 4 in Capricorn. Saturn follows close behind, going retrograde from May 10 until September 28, also in Capricorn. When the ringed planet is in retrograde, you are on your own, it’s time to learn to fly without a teacher guiding you, and wants you to believe in the skills you have created. We’re encouraged to become more conscious and thankful for what we have as Venus begins her retrograde in Gemini from May 13 to June 25. This is a beautiful period to seek out a more sustainable lifestyle. If you’re searching for a higher calling, you’ll be blessed with a chance to fine-tune your thinking from May 14 to September 12, when Jupiter begins his retrograde in Capricorn.

The second Lunar Eclipse of 2020 arrives on June 5 in Sagittarius, squaring against Mars and opposing a retrograde Venus. Protect your energy against these influences — this may require you to speak up, or take the path of least resistance.  Mercury begins their second retrograde in Cancer on June 18. Examine how you process your emotions until July 12 during this transit. Our annual Solar Eclipse arrives just after the summer solstice on June 21 in Cancer, helping us to become more aware of our emotional needs. Neptune moves retrograde in Pisces beginning June 22, helping us to become mindful of self-imposed illusions —it’s time to break free. The third Lunar Eclipse of the year occurs in Capricorn on July 5, encouraging us to release nervous energy. Consider your most irrational fears and confront them during this time.

Mars begins their retrograde on September 9 in their own sign of Aries. This movement will shift how we take action in our lives until November 13. Uranus goes retrograde from August 15 to January 14, 2021, in Taurus. This time inspires us to explore uncharted territory — be bold, be brave, you can do it. We’re asked to change how we relate to others starting October 13 when communication ruling Mercury enters their last retrograde of the year in Libra. We may have to pay special attention to our idea of strategy, when the Mercury again goes direct in Scorpio on November 3.

Our fourth Lunar Eclipse of the year occurs on November 30 in Gemini. Take a moment to seek out new perspectives, and understand each others’ intentions during this time. We end the year with a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14. Pay attention to your opportunities for both travel and mind expansion during this amazing event.

Exhausted yet? You will be! This is going to be one crazy ride! Bring in 2020! I say! A new beginning and a New Era! A year full of new abundance, reflection, changes, challenges, new perceptions and ultimately a year to learn how to move forward in your own power and be strong. Every 20 years we have great conjunction between these planets, this year Aquarius rules that conjunction and the universal call is for Spiritual and Philosophical rebirth – Thank God!! Change is coming!

Many Blessings and a happy New Year to all,

love Joy xx


Embrace your responsibility to create a healthy year ahead. Speak from a place of strength and confidence rather than from denial and defiance. Seek a new understanding of learning how to communicate. Trust me, with this many retrogrades and eclipses, you are going to need to work hard at it! By saying what you mean without being unkind or sharp of tongue, you will get further and create less conflict. It’s time for you to get out into the world, and build new networks. You are going to need to remain relaxed and calm and develop new organizational skills until 2021 in order for this year to serve you at your higher purpose.


Look at how your resources are being utilized, and how money is being handled behind the scenes. Speak up! Use your voice it’s time to be heard. Don’t be discouraged. Keep steadily moving forward to resolve the system, either through your community or an international organization, now is your time to put your moves forward and contribute. Your integrity and effort this year will help you to work and grow into a more meaningful you in the future.


You’re so multifaceted!! Yay, you Gemini! Your challenges and adventure this year will be learning to communicate and weave together a new network system. A healthy perspective of who you are and what you want is needed at this time. Honesty in who you really are instead of bending to fit into others’ ideas. Whether at work, with love, or in community partnerships, this honesty exposes unconscious power struggles around money and resources. Keep the conversation flowing – make sure you have the whole truth in front of you. Do your homework and your world will expand in the hears ahead. Stay on point!


Take inventory of the way you help and notice if you are helping or enabling. Bring light to any dysfunctional places which drain you or tax your health. Encourage loved ones, believe in them, but let them do their own work! When your boundaries feel clean and strong, you can let people closer in. By the years’ end, you won’t have to hold the line so intentionally. New relationships give more collaborative support to your projects.


Be Inspired! You have hidden your creative flow recently, feeling overwhelmed by hard work and learning new skills. It’s time to take care of your health, and most important… be honest about your talents, you have many! Own them.  It’s time to pursue those hidden places within. Look at your creativity and charisma and offer that as a service! Your lifeforce improves when you feel needed in an effective way. You will expand your community this year! Remain steadfast and you will be rewarded.


You have a rich and thoughtful philosophy. Reassess it and bring it home. Be creative in your new ideas, but stay focused on the healing goals you have, on the family front as well as the world at large. Walk your talk in your daily life, fine-tune your relationship with animals and those you love that surrounds you. This will allow your frequency to become clear, clean and energizing. Your creativity is strong and now needs you to choose discipline… Give it time to manifest, be patient and do it for the sake of all!


Take the pressure off family tension this year. You have a natural ability to understand what is needed in any social environment. Help educate. Be open-minded to change. Lovingly help those around you to become more aware of social ideals. You will grow from this as well. Your happiness will come if you navigate with caution and take time out when you need to. This is a massive year of growth for you. Take advantage of it.


Ask what community resources need to be mobilized and what needs to be conserved. You aren’t ruthless but may see more clearly what change is necessary and what needs to be removed to create sustainability in your own life if you reflect on it alone. Others may engage in personal struggles to control the situations you are in, but you don’t have to take the bait. Make up your own mind. Keep the focus on effectiveness, not ego, and hold clean and clear boundaries for those less able. You’ll feel more at home when you are organized.


Sometimes it’s hard to forgive yourself, so don’t hide under covers… if you feel guilty for something, roll in it, touch it, explore it, find the source, understand where it came from and once you learn from it, move on with Grace. Go for it!! Let go of some perceptions about yourself and about what to do or what you should have done for the world, yourself and others. Find a new, empowering authenticity. Deal squarely with tough practicalities. From this integral peace, heed the call to help your community get honest about improving.


Be honest about how much you have actually healed and about what still needs work in your psyche. You’ve been in deep evolution and may need to reassess how far you’ve come. Be who you are now, not who you were. Adjust to a more congruent sense of personal responsibility. This will free you up to offer healthy leadership while empowering others. Put your special gifts to service towards others and you will find the camaraderie with like-minded people.


If you’ve been holding onto an old image of community or sense of belonging, new realizations help you let go of what was, allowing you to be more realistic about what is. You learn much vicariously this year, walking friends and community through their challenges, and working through some personal inner demons in the process. Out of this work arises the potential for a stronger sense of self, woven into a refreshed and dynamic community.


You will see the Emperor has no clothes on. Where people in authority, both close to home and internationally are not in their integrity. Your assignment is to say what you see in an effective way – so it can grow in truth. Be the Mirror, don’t fight, be calm and clear with your words.