Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus

November 8, 2022

Welcome goddesses,

Lets begin with this a book end month with two eclipses beginning with October 25th new moon eclipse in Scorpio.  CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE mars retrograde in Gemini prepares you for the new world order of fifth dimension.  
These eclipses are closing and processing of all what is to come.  Time to wrap up all lose ends, sad goodbyes to any dead end relationships that are not for your highest good.  Embrace all you have learned of this last decade.  RECLAI,M YOUR POWER.  Your choice will shape your reality now.  With Mars in Gemini October through mid-January (sharpen your intellect).  You are Expected to learn, cultivate your talents, and prepare to be of service to the new world order.  Feel the pain in your heart and body of the past (LET IT GO).  Prepare yourself for sacrifice and rebirth.  Most important is to stabilize your foundation.  I hope that all will recognize what an auspicious time it is now.   Be patient and kind to yourself, remember it a process.