Rare Full Blue Moon in Pisces


Welcome all you beautiful goddess.
I want to bring some clarity on what a blue moon is before I begin so a blue moon happens when there are two full moons in one month.  Here we are.  Energetically speaking the last time this has happened around the Lion’s Gate was in 2009 and it will not happen again until 2033.  WOW! What a heavy but monumental moon.  
This moon presents fullness, completion, and all hidden things that will come to the surface.  Being it is a water sign moon makes it even more intense.  Lingering energy from the past, major dream states, and reoccurring dreams are all spiritually connected.  Understanding your sleep state is very prominent at this time so journaling your dreams will help decipher this energy.  Very prone to avoidance, self-sabotage, psychological issues with a touch of universal love.  The capacity of healing past life issues are on the fore front.  Much quiet time alone will help to eradicate the past to become more creative.  Issues such as guilt/shame, judgement/non-judgement, self-doubt of who you really are…. questioning, questioning, questioning.  
The lymphatic system is working overtime to move and clear anything that is stuck.  The logic of the Virgo helps the Pisces by being prepared with organization.  
  • Manifestation
  • Huge changes
  • Creating balance out of chaos 
  • Make the abstract real
  • Be in the energy of the here and now of the moon.  

All things that have been not clear will be revealed on this full moon.  Prayers for release of what is holding you back personally.  Do not stand in your own way.  Great love and prayers to all. 

Blessings, Joy