Thank you, this time has been absolutely magical! I feel so transformed! Amazing, beautiful and spiritual. I am amazed and grateful. I love both of you and you are a compliment to one another. My life has been touched in a way I never imagined!

It was such a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful coming together with such special spirits. You have allowed us all to “disrobe’ and to sink so that we can be accepted and lifted up to accept our power and to remember we are on this journey together. If we forget how wonderful we are, there are our sisters to remind us to open our hearts ad our eyes to ourselves as well as others.

My heart is singing.

The gauntlet has been dropped….You have challenged us to step us to the plate and take that step forward to fulfill our promise to Mother Earth and each other and the Goddess consciousness.

I have had the pleasure of receiving multiple body work and healing sessions from Joy. As a healing practitioner myself I am incredibly particular about who I will allow to work on me on such a deep emotional and spiritual level.  Joy is incredible, she has a gift that so many other healers aspire to and an incredible knowledge of the human body, various healing modalities, energy and spirituality.  I have experienced such incredible shifts in my energy, my own awareness of self  while on her table, that I will be forever grateful for crossing paths with her in this great journey of life.  I am now a better person and acupuncturist because of her work.  She is my go to healer and has become a mentor to me as well.  I highly recommend her and can’t be thankful enough to the universe that she is a part of my life.

Loving the oils you sent. ‘Ascended Masters’ has me totally wired-in, ‘Healing’ is taking place every minute, and ‘Love’ is filling my heart to overflowing. Can’t wait to experience continued results from these wonderfully hand-crafted and spiritual aids. If anyone is hesitant about trying, don’t delay. Get at least one…. more if you can. You won’t be sorry! Thank you Joy for all your efforts, these oils are phenomenal. Much love and blessings to you, Cathy

I loved this Spiritual Retreat to Kauai, Hawaii. It helped me tap into my abilities and allowed me to recognize what I need to work on and learn more about myself.