Astrology Overview 2023


Get ready for a year of cosmic challenges across the board.

2023 Overview

This year is about seeking the silver lining emerging from shadows with moon light in our eyes and roses in our hands, looking for the good that still dwells among us.  The heart that beats beneath the skin of the world.

This is the year of the Rabbit 2023 new moon and sun conjunction in Aquarius so the Chinese calendar resets at this time.  The rabbit is a symbol of longevity imaged as an alchemist and shaman who lives on the moon with the moon Goddess change.  The rabbit is about peace calmness and healing after the dynamic tiger year. 

The rabbit is the water element.  Keenly perceptive and can sense danger in any situation.  So be aware and conscious around your presence.  Feelings and emotions are high intuitive, empathic and kind.  So this is a yin year – feminine and soft. 

This year the planets ask us to engage in dynamic social change and to create and nurture new cycles, webs and cohorts explore humbly before jumping into action. 

Structure and responsible Saturn starts the year in Aquarius and enters Pisces on 3/07/23.  Transformative Pluto steps into Aquarius from 3/23/23- 6/11/23, then retrogrades back into Capricorn until 2/1/24. 

The new chapter of Pluto in Aquarius offers hope- But, don’t expect all sweetness and light.

Pluto takes 247 years around the zodiac and last time it was here in Aquarius was 1778-1797, heralding an era for revolution.  Surely our voices will be heard.  Look deeper in life to keep minds and hearts connected. 

Break out of old groups and patterns.  Retain our individual thinking collaborate new communities. 

Encourage spiritual practices with Neptune in Pisces.  Seek empathy and intuition. Recognize we are all shifting our ways towards spirituality.  Time to seek what still works and what does not anymore. 

Saturn joins Neptune in Pisces 3/7/23.  Brings old wisdom, discipline, practicality (Saturn), into our spiritual source (Neptune) and can help us control our personal and cultured addictions. 

Water problems will keep climate change urgency in the forefront-

This year may have a slow start with Mercury, Mars and Uranus all in retrograde so lets use the first few weeks in January to review and prepare rather than push.  Mars turns direct 1/12/23, Mercury 1/18/23 and Uranus 1/22/23 then we are all now in movement. 

Get organized and deal with urgent short-term- we cannot change the past so remain focused on your future. 

Question old patterns of learning, training. Authority and trust your own instincts to validate. 

Happy 2023

love Joy xx


This year is about accepting new information.  Knowing it all doesn’t allow you to learn.  Get ready for lots of new experiences- are you ready to dive in even if it feel a little embarrassing risks?  Of course you are – you know that you are not the type to dwell on foolish moments.  Think with clean mind.  You will benefit by developing courage.  Even if you act as if.  You have come this far- keep going forward.  Let the differences of others teach you about yourself and the world around you.  This year there maybe a significant change in your finances so spend with a mindset of manifestation.  As the year progresses your experiences will teach you how to utilize what you bring to the table- have faith in yourself and mind your subconscious deserves.  Try not to escape, stay present.  Learn your limits so you can allow you to live life.


Oh my dear Taurus- don’t let yourself get immobilized by fear- being in the two year ecliptal cycle which will be over by the end of this year.  Trust your gut.  The beginning of the year your mission is to deepen your understanding of your subconscious drives.  This would be a good time to start a dream diary.  It will help you better understand your intuition.  You will have more balance by the end of this year.  Find what you bring to the world.  Time to make your self-shine.  Once you move into Libra your quest will shift your subconscious, self- discovery, knowledge is power for you sweet Taurus.


Are you ready to make some new friends?  Of course you are.  Put yourself our there- this year will expand your network all you must do is be willing to communicate.  There are no obstacles – the key is this year is to not overextend yourself.  You are human, flesh and bones, sweat and tears, feelings and emotions.  Honor your energetic body and thoughts.  Join virtual groups, connect with new communities and stay in touch with friends.  In order to stay focused it will be extremely helpful to keep your goals in mind always.  Take stock of your super powers and limitations, with a clear sense of self you can allow the room for yourself to live your dreams.  What are your small goals that you would like to accomplish within this year?  Stay in the process, your confidence will open many doors and opportunities will fall into your lap.  Carry yourself with high esteem. 


Change and transformation doesn’t come easy for you.  Sometimes not seeming the challenges you have to hurdle mind feel disappointing.  Keep going forward.  If change came without disruption, then how would you recognize it?  You are being challenged to grow now.  Rest assured that you deserve the fruits of your labor.  This year is about coming out of your cocoon.  Grant yourself permission to take it slow as you go through the reorientation process, you are meant to evolve at your own pace.  Be gentle with yourself.  Leaving your comfort zone and entering the unknown is never easy, in fact it can be a little scary. But, take risks, try not to overthink your decisions and trust you have what it takes to decern how to move forward.  Opportunity is on the way.  You are magnetically attracted to prosperous possibilities.  2023 will allow you to shine within your career.  If you are willing to put energy into it.  Be clear on what you wish to happen.  It is through focus that we can actualize our potential.  The end of the year you will have grown a more insightful understanding of yourself and your values.


Your relationships this year will get you far especially because people can fall jealous of you when take the center stage.  Your inner circle are privy to all your life experiences.  Be patient with those you hold dear to you.  Keep your eyes open and willing to learn from others.  Your light will shine brighter when a united front as a distraction from your glow.  This year asks you how do you want to be seen in the world?  Treat yourself with compassion during this time of transformation.  Now is not a time to fall into a trap of feeling martyrdom.  Patience and perseverance are the key.  Breath through your moments of frustration.  Having a clear sense of what you want and the willingness to integrate it into your daily life will help you actualize your desires. 


The beginning of 2023 is forcing you into a period of growth Virgo.  You are not meant to stay the same as much as you may want to have a stable foundation, there is always room mutability.  Familiarity may call your name, and with it cries your will to push past outdated coping mechanisms especially if they are not to your benefit.  Be willing to throw yourself into newness.  You will find that excitement is likely to follow.  Trust in your capabilities and knowledge… it will make a world of difference as you brave the nebulous realm of the unraveled.  Change the mantra of this year.  If have made it this far then you are capable and able to keep going.  This does not under mind how fear is a normal response to uncharted territory; in fact you should honor what makes you feel apprehensive.  Growing is a painful and exhausting experience, one that can leave you feeling mentally depleted.  Make sure to take the rest and vessel that you live in.  now is the time to clear your mind, rest and allow things to unfold. 


In continuation from last year your relationships are front and center.  Over the past few years you may have felt challenged by your expectations.  When you are loved and another doesn’t reciprocate this can be very frustrating for you.  Try to understand that having expectations is far and people will sometimes fall short.  Try not to take things to personally your loved ones are consumed by the various requirements that life calls to them.  You aren’t supposed to overthink your connections, allow them to organically develop.  Friendships and relationships take effort- be in the game.  One of the key lessons for you is to learn not to overextend yourself “you are going through a transformation” more will be revealed.  Stay focused on your lessons.  Relax and stay focused.  Your ability to let go will allow you room to blossom.  Be gentle with self.  Take care of you. 


You learned a lot last year. The power to of choosing to stay in the moment, making decisive decisions, and committing yourself to just doing what needs to be done.  Congratulations.  The ability to lunge at momentary opportunities is the key that will open the door to endless opportunities.  Settle down, it is time, new knowledge is coming this year you’re already developing it now.  Most likely finding a home base.  The best way to get through 2023 is with total acceptance.  Accept where you are right now and release the desire to create drastic change, unless you are convinced that a complete is what you desire.  If you spend this year unable to ground yourself, it will be difficult to find your place.  Focus on fitness, develop a structured routine (you know you struggle with that) pay close attention to your health.  The most difficult part of taking care is starting, then it becomes second nature.  Towards the end of the year, there will be room for love and romance. Recognize that not every connection needs to turn to commitment.  Love comes with risks and those risks should make sense.  Remember the responsibility that comes with sustaining and intimate relationship.  This is not easy, but it can be very meaningful.


This year is being guided by the spirit of love- how fortunate are you!  New friends, new experiences and plenty of reasons to keep a travel log ready to go.  Are you ready to learn and keep an open mind.  The universe has plenty to offer you.  This year is granting you the ability to reinvent your style.  You will be challenged to be creative, think outside of the box- new ideas about uplifting your community or supporting habitats local or abroad.  Try not to scatter yourself at the beginning of the year; taking on too many romantic pursuits can steer you off your path.  Find focus through caring for yourself.  If you are part of a wellness community the summer of 2023 is a great time to take part in one.  This year you are supposed to focus on setting a solid foundation.  Cultivating the home of your dreams, connecting with your soul society, and understanding how best to care for yourself.  Will transform your life for the better.  Enjoy your year Sag!


The world is your playground regardless of where you live.  There is inspiration to be found.  Play in nature.  Pay attention to everything around you.  Allow yourself the space to be imaginative and creative will bring life to even the most mundane aspects of our life- practice documenting your everyday life.  Journal.  Take the time to find out what brings you joy and puts a smile on your face.  Financially you will have to watch your wallet during 2023.  Try not to overspend make use of what you already have.  As the year comes to an end  you will find that your creative energy is flowing freely and with ease.  You may struggle to express all the thoughts and ideas that are bubbling in your brain.  Try not to worry about rushing your process.  When you are ready to speak your words will follow. 


Be willing to share your gifts and talents with others.  Let people know what you are passionate about.  Many opportunities will soon follow.  Don’t internalize harsh words and criticisms, that is not constructive, especially if it keeps you from expressing yourself.  The world at large will benefit from it and what you have to offer.  Towards the end of the year, your beliefs and value systems may also be challenged.  Be kind to yourself.  This years influence in the universe will aid in your creativity if you are willing to leave your comfort zone.  Allow space for safety and serenity ground and find your center.  The most helpful lesson you will learn is there is no failures.  Never give up on your dreams.


Hard work comes with rewards. Make sure to set some time to appreciate your gains. Your observant nature will pay off this year for you.  Speak and express your truth no matter what.  Trust the right people that in are in your corner, who support your dreams.  Avoid nay-sayers and negativity.  Don’t allow fear to stop you from moving forward.  Be driven about what you want to achieve.  Your willingness to keep trying despite your feeling of doubt.  The rewards you will receive will be beyond your wildest dreams.  Keep moving forward Pisces.