Lion’s Gate Portal

August 2023

Hi all my beautiful goddesses,

I’d like to create a moment to talk about the LION’s GATE which the opening to the portal starting on the first of August. The gate opens fully on the 8th of August and stretches to the new moon in Leo on the 16th of August. This is a very tumultuous time in our universe. So many planets are moving and stationing into new planets much erratic energy is forming at this time to create a space to let go of all existing trauma/drama. Watch what you say, think before you talk and remember that everyone is dumping their pain and sorrow at this time. It is a perfect time to let go of all useless information. Relationships that no longer serve your highest good. FEAR/ANXIETY is a number one emotion that comes from this gate (False Evidence Appearing Real). Know that you are being aligned for something greater. Relax, release and surrender to all that is. I 

It is a wild time in our universe so prepare to use your tools and breathe. This time is being staged to create balance and understanding about where you are right now. Remember the most important thing BE HERE NOW. The universe is showing you what you need to shed.

Prayers and blessings,