Full Moon in Virgo


Hello Goddesses,

Let me begin by saying welcome to Virgo.  Releasing, relinquishing and letting go of all excess in your life.  Quiet yourself with meditation and grounding into the great mother.  Overview how much you have grown over this year.  

Slow down, end people pleasing.  Please yourself even if is outside your comfort zone.  Bring joy to your life in any way possible.  Remove the sadness and get ready to clear your plate.  Stop overthinking! Stop lying to yourself about what needs to change because you already know.  Don’t be afraid of the truth, it sets you free.  Get centered, call on your ancestors for help with where you are stuck.  Clear your perfectionistic self… come down to reality and realize nothing is ever perfect.  We are all perfectly imperfect.  Lay the bat down and be gentle and kind with yourself.  Happy Virgo Moon.