The Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dragon


Welcome all my beautiful goddesses, 

What to look forward to in 2024.  Through out the first few months of 2024 we can expect many confrontations, whether it be outmoded ideas or dreams of our own.    

Lets stay focused on where we are going and how to direct the change that we need for the entire collective.  This is not a me time, it is a we time.  Leave the pettiness of being right or wrong.  It all just ends up in a circle.  Our own circle.  Agree to disagree and move on, enough push back.

January 1st 2024 has a grand trine in Earth signs between the sun, moon and Jupiter.  Which reminds us to remain grounded and seek clarity with all the facts.  Needs for freedom, impatience and anxiety starts off our year.   This is a year to move forward with all projects.  Time to start birthing and creating ideas of your dreams to make them real.  Review your spiritual visions, tune up your intuition “trust and believe” are you using your wisdom?

Review what you already know and expand it.  This is a time for humanity to come together as never before with sharing skills, collective thinking, and community.  Ask yourself if you are in the right group or community?  Spread your ideas to a global thought, do your part even in a small way to uplift mankind.  

The spring total solar eclipse will reveal what has been deeply hidden on many levels.  Forgive yourself for your past and set yourself free.  Now is the time for you to find wholeness.  Let yourself shine, walk in truth, find humor in life and most of all keep an open mind.  Live and walk your truth.   Find your calm place whether it be in meditation, breathwork, etc.  Self-empowerment is on the menu.  Find your center, be the one drop of water that helps heal our planet.  

This year is the beginning of a new era in human connections.  Breathe, stay grounded and know you are clearing old patterns and ancestral patterns.  Removing pain and anxiety, honor the gift of yourself and others.  Be grateful for the wisdom and learning lessons.  

This is the year of the Chinese dragon, the element is wood and this is the most powerful sign in the Chinese zodiac.  The dragon brings wisdom and prosperity in spite of the challenges.  Projects that have been in the mix is now ready to begin, spring unfolds all the creative endeavors and hopes and dreams to come to fruition.  Make sure all the behind the scenes are taken care of.  This is a big year, get ready for some miracles to happen.